H Chemistry 10.5.17 – 10.6.17

On Thursday, we took notes on determining the type of reaction and on Friday we continued with using the type of reaction to determine the products if given the reactants.
Notes Types of Reactions and Predicting Products 100517 100617

Thursday’s CW – due Fri., 10.6
CW types-of-reaction-worksheet

Friday’s CW – Due Mon., 10.9
CW Predicting Products

Unit 3A Test Review – TEST ON TUESDAY!
Unit 3 Review – Chemical Reactions

H Chemistry 1.31.17

Hello All,

Today we completed the Lab: Aluminum Atoms and you are determining how many atoms thick a piece of aluminum foil is.

HW: due Wed., 2.1 (1st and 2nd only)
Analyze the lab.

We also took notes on Atomic Structure (1st & 3rd)
Notes Atomic Structure 013117

Go to this website below and complete the online lab. Record everything you do and turn it in.
Heat Lab Make Up Assignment