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H Chemistry 10.29.19

Here is the study guide for tomorrow’s test, in case you lost yours.

H Chemistry 10.24.19

Today, we started the stoichiometry lab and worked on % yield. The notes on % yield are below. Tomorrow, we will discuss limiting reactants and some of those notes are attached as well.

H Chemistry 10.16.19

3rd period – watched the GPB Chemistry video below and took notes.

4th period – finished the test they did not have time to finish yesterday due to the shortened time.

H Forensic Science 10.14.19

We finished notes on autopsies and took notes on manner, cause, and mechanism of death

H Forensic Science 9.11 – 9.12.19

On Wednesday and today, you worked on identifying the one of the ten suspects who wrote the ransom note and are working on your report.

H Forensic Science 4.10.19

Today we took notes on forensic toxicology and as it relates to alcohol

H Forensic Science 3.15.19

Today we finished the notes on manner, cause, and mechanism of death. Then we completed an activity where we determined the manner, cause, and mechanism of death of various strange, but real life deaths.

H Chemistry 1.11.19

We took notes on isotopes and atomic mass.

If you were not here today or did not turn in the classwork above, please complete the above alternate classwork.

Forensic Science 3.12.18

Today we talked about forensic anthropology

We also completed Activity 13-1: Determining the Age of a Skull
Activity 13-1 Part A and B

ACtivity 13-2: Bones: Male or Female

H Chemistry 10.23.17

Today we learned how to calculate empirical and molecular formulas from % composition or lab data.notes empirical and molecular formulas 102317

CW: Due Tuesday, 10.24