Astronomy 1/11/21

Today we completed the 200 Billion Stars activity. Then we took notes on size and scale of the universe.

CW/HW Due: 1/12/21

Complete the vocabulary using google to find definitions and then write the definition in your own words and draw a picture or give an example.

1st Astronomical Observation (out of 50) – Due Tues., 1/12/21

Go outside before 4:15pm today (Monday) or before you go to school on Tuesday and look for the moon. Use your fingers/hand to determine the number of degrees in angular distance the moon is. Make sure you write the time you did this and the degrees of distance.

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Astronomy 1/7/21

Welcome to astronomy class! Today we went over procedures and expectations for class. Then we watch a video on pseudoscience and how it is not real science.

The answers to the questions need to be handwritten, then take a picture of your answers and upload that picture to CTLS or email them to me by 11:59pm on Friday, 1/8/21.

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