H Forensic Science 9.19.19

Today we took notes on glass and fracture patterns. Then you worked on a fracture pattern activity. We have a lab tomorrow.

H Chemistry 9.19.19

Today we reviewed and studied for your unit test tomorrow on chemical reactions.

H Chemistry 9.17.19

Today we took notes on types of reactions and using that to predict products. The assignment is due on Thursday, 9.19

H Forensic Science 9.17.19

Use the pages below to answer the questions on currency and security measures.

H Forensic Science 9.16.19

Today you worked on the ink chromatography lab which is due tomorrow. We then took notes on alterations to documents.

H Chemistry 9.16.19


Today you worked to make sure the skeleton equations you worked on are balanced and completed the 3 pHet activities for balancing equations above.

H Forensic Science 9.13.19

Today we took notes on getting handwriting exemplars, inks and paper. We also complete two labs – one on indented writings and one on ink chromatography which we will repeat on Monday because we ran out of time.

H Chemistry 9.13.19

Today we practiced writing and balancing chemical equations.

If you are still having issues writing formulas for skeleton equations, check the flowcharts below out!

H Forensic Science 9.11 – 9.12.19

On Wednesday and today, you worked on identifying the one of the ten suspects who wrote the ransom note and are working on your report.

H Chemistry 9.11 – 9.12.19

On Wednesday, you completed re-takes of the unit 2 test.

Today we took notes on evidence of a chemical reaction, completed a lab on that and then started notes on writing skeleton equations.