H Forensic Science 10.22.19

Today we took notes on estimating time of death using algor mortis and solving practice problems before getting CW/HW that is due tomorrow.

H Chemistry 10.22.19

Today we worked on solving stoichiometry problems more. We graded the first classwork/homework together so you could see if you were on the right track or needed adjustment. Once we adjusted, you were given a 2nd classwork/homework that is due tomorrow for a grade.

H Forensic Science 10.22.19

Today we took notes on estimating time of death and you started on work estimating time of death using rigor mortis.

H Chemistry 10.21.19

Today we took notes on solving mole to mass, mass to mole, and mass to mass stoichiometry problems. The CW/HW: Stoichiometry sheet you received last Thursday is due tomorrow, 10.22.

H Forensic Science 10.17.19

Today we continued our serial killer presentations. Study your death notes and your serial killer for your weekly quiz tomorrow.

H Chemistry 10.17.19

Today we learned how to solve mole to mole stoichiometry problems.

H Forensic Science 10.16.19

Class did not meet today, I will see you tomorrow to finish your serial killer presentations.

H Chemistry 10.16.19

3rd period – watched the GPB Chemistry video below and took notes.


4th period – finished the test they did not have time to finish yesterday due to the shortened time.

H Forensic Science 10.15.19

Today you started presenting your serial killer cereal box projects. I will not see you tomorrow due to testing. See you on Thursday!

H Chemistry 10.15.19

Today you took the moles test (Unit 3B). Make sure you read the article and answer the questions for homework!